Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Melancholy day.

Well its the last home game for Notts ,could they win to secure the championship or would they stumble at the penultimate hurdle?The Genghis Khan society are here in force,David and Keith are down from the north,Pete is here of course and Nicola has arrived from the east.We even have celebs,Brian Close on the Commitee balcony and Dickie Bird calling for a helicoptor to get him upto the top of the Radcliffe Road stand.
By the last day the Grumblers think Notts have no chance and I am the only one who think we can still win even Dave Fulton and the Sky Sports boys have gone home.
Anyway it was not to be, the match finishes early so we miss the Victoria sponge and as we troop out of the ground for the last time to mutterings about Readys tactics and a lack of a third man, Pete and Nicola go off to buy teabags while I plan my trip to Old Trafford.

Soaked and Soggy

Oops here's some more pictures from last Thursday - a sharp downpour over lunch when we were inside resulted in a soggy Telegraph for Rob, seen here drying out (the paper that is).

Dark Clouds over the Ground and a shot of Peter's favourite stand with that pesky roof line that blocks the view ......

Monday, 13 September 2010

The Last Match for Nicola - Thursday 9th September

The view to my left ......

The view on the field

The view to my right

Ah another one of the players

The melancholy mood set by the last days of my lidos is now echoed in my last (well I've only had 3 in total) visit to the Cricket at Trent Bridge. BUT - I always seem to bring the sun with me and here we were again, basking in the rays - lovely. But not so great score for Nottinghamshire - shame. Let's hope Rob visiting Old Trafford on Wednesday will bring some luck and pull a win in. Oooh and I had soooo wanted to see Yawkshire beaten!

Nice lunch as ever but yet again NO VICTORIA SPONGE CAKE!

eehhh it's just bad Technique!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scotland v Afghanistan

If the enthususiasm for test cricket to be organised in an elite league of 5 (England, Aussies, SL, Indian and SA) and then have promotion and relegation from a second test league of 5 (WI, Pakistan, NZ, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe) this could in the future be a divsion three match up !

The thing is it's already happening - last week Scotland lost a four day match against Afghanistan and earlier this week the teams shared a ODI series of two games 1-1.

Just imagine in four years time - the Scots get promoted from Div 3 and England get relegated from the Elite League and we have a Scotland v England test match series !!

That would get the kilts swirling and the sporrans swishing ! .... SJ

Monday, 9 August 2010

Scotland comes to Notts

Les Bleus were on good form (according to Chris the Scottish Analyst) in not being routed by Notts but holding their own .... to some extent. A lovely day out for this amateur and fair weather cricket fan - thank you gentlemen!

Super roast lunch and chocolate gateau. Rob once again opting for the hot pudding version.

Dissappointed once again not to get a piece of victoria sponge at tea time - hawked all the way over to the Members' Pavilion only to see the final two pieces disappear before Rob and I made the front of the queue. Dirty tactics may have to be used next time to make sure I get a piece of the action.

Now have the listings so will be planning the next raid.

Howzatt?! x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Match- 8 August

Quite a group for the 8th at Trent Bridge - England v Scotland. We will have Chris - Scotland supporter - in our midst so he had better behave and not wave the Scottish flag around. Sandra will be there so volume will be high with me and her .... good job a number of the spectators' hearing is failing!

Interesting article in the Times last Saturday about French cricket ... and some amusant translations - eg le couloir de doute - the corridor of uncertainty - we like that!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Catering at Trent Bridge

Cricket provided a very relaxing backdrop to chat with Peter and Rob. Oh and a very nice lunch in the restaurant too .... Rob's spotted dick looked particularly tempting.

Disappointing to find all the victoria sponge gone by the time we made it over the Members' Lounge for tea .... and grumpy catering staff.

Looking forward to 8th August for Scotland v Notts County - sister sandra may come along too ...

Peter and Rob now working on behalf of waterbloggedsisters to raise publicity (East Midlands today) and money - via CX etc of NCCC

thanks so much!